Kilchuimen Primary School

We rock, we learn, we learn, we rock!


We  warmly  welcome you to Kilchuimen Primary School.

A new school is an exciting and scary step in any child’s life and we would like to make this step as easy and relaxed as possible for both you and your child.

Should you at any time have questions about the move to Kilchuimen, or any other  aspects of your child’s  education, please contact the school.  You can either email: or telephone 01320 366756 to arrange an appointment with the head teacher or your child’s class teacher. We very much want you to play a full part in your child’s educational journey, so that together we can give your child the best educational experience possible. This handbook will help you to identify areas where you  can do this.

Our website and school handbook aims to give a brief account of life here at Kilchuimen Primary School.
We have achieved our first Green Flag and are now an Eco School, ongoing work led by the Eco Committee supports the  development of our school grounds through a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.  We have  planted an orchard, Grow our own  vegetables and  have a ‘Trim Track’ fitness trail in our grounds.mary. You can also make use of the school website to keep abreast of changing events at: and click on our calendar.

Participating in these projects ensures that we are embracing the Curriculum for Excellence which strives to ensure that  pupils  participate in a broad, balanced curriculum which suits individual learning needs.

Above all, we want your child to be  challenged to achieve the best they can while enjoying their learning!

We look forward to getting to know both you and your child better and sharing in the exciting journey ahead.


Wendy Scollay

Head Teacher




Our school vision and aims.

Our school vision is that,

Kilchuimen Primary School is an enthusiastic, caring community who encourages confident, creative, happy, successful individuals. 


Our aims is that we are,



Kind and nurturing


Love learning




Is succesful



Never gives up!


We have revised and adopted the Vision, Aims and Slogan in March 2013 in conjunction with the pupils, staff and parents.